Understanding Pokémon Go – Facts To Know

Well, Pokémon has been with us for quite some time. By now, the latest development is the Pokémon Go, a better version produced by Niantic and Nintendo video game labs. In case you are yet to play it, this real-life adventure, this game allows you to us your smartphone’s camera and GPS features to catch Pokémon that spawn in the streets.

Where to find a PokémonPokémon

What is a Pokémon? How can one find them? Just in case it is your first time playing this game, you might probably be asking yourself such questions. There are different types of Pokémon. Each geographical area has a specific Pokémon. As such, you need to travel or move to move to different locations to find all the Pokémon you need to catch.

Pokémon Coins

Pokémon coins are the currency used in this game. The idea behind having these coins is to help players buy items needed to gain a competitive edge over other players. However, these coins have some monetary value. This means that players without money or those that are not willing to spend are disadvantaged in a way.

Getting free coins

Do want to get free coins? Well, the only way to go about this is by hacking your favorite game. You might be tempted to think that using Pokémon go hack robs the competitive spirit. However, it is the only way to compete with people that use real money. Besides, you are not alone, and millions of other users use this trick.

Ways to get free coins

Pokémon go appThere are many ways of getting free Pokémon coins. One could try out a few options in the App stores though they do not last, as the owners of the game are quick to have them removed. As such, this gives you the option of looking for them in websites or third party software installed on your computer. The good thing about using different software is that they are safe than cheats generated from the smartphone.

The best time to use Pokémon go hacks is just after they are released. As such, the quicker you start the better. This will not only place you ahead of your competitors, but you will also have a chance of using them for long. However, it is prudent to exercise precaution when downloading this software to avoid installing malicious programs on your computer or smartphone.