How to Build an RC Plane by Yourself

Flying a remote controlled plane is so much fun and you can have all that fun if you learn how to build an RC plane by yourself.

RC Plane (2)

Here is how to one cutting the cost of buying one.

To build the plane you have to take three main steps. They are:

1. Prepare the parts.
  • Have a model plan of the kind of plane you want and map it out on a card board using a pencil.folded paper
  • Cut out the plan into pieces that you will later attach to make the fuselage and put these aside together.
  • Assemble each of the parts like the elevens, the vertical stabilizer making sure that all angles fit in neatly and that they are well jointed. Make and attach the control horns to the elevons. Make sure that you have the angles right. This is very important.
  • Have all the other parts like mortars, wires, propellers, under carriage and remote control in order.

2. Building the plane.
  • Start by building the body. Once you have the plan cut out, assemble it making all angles touch the other. Tape the boards as you join them going further into the board along the angles to have a firm joint
  • Attach the elevens. With the control horns already stuck on the elevens, this should be easy. Align then elevens along the plane’s belly. Make sure they are well balanced and then tape each elevon firmly to the body. Ensure that the tape generously runs to the edge of the elevon on each side cutting off the excess at the corners.
  • Having done that, place the plane to stand on its nose and tape along the elevens joints, bending them forward a little to give the hinge a firmer hold and strength.
  • Now it’s time to attach the vertical stabilizer. At this point, make sure the stabilizer is straight and that it flushes well with the body on the rear of the plane to keep the plane from turning.
RC Plane controller 3. The electronics.
  • Have an area marked off near the nose of the plane for the motor. Use the motors dimension while marking. Mount the motor on this provision you have made then attach the propeller.
  • Attach other components like battery pack, receiver and speed controller carefully distributing the weight so that the plane balances well.
  • Connect the wiring and the servos which are essentially gears that help to give motion to the moving parts of the plane.
You can now fly the plane and teach your friends how to build an RC plane by yourself.