Easiest Ways to Get Your Daily Protein Consumption

Protein is an essential building block of our bones, muscles, cartilages, skin, and blood. They are basically important sources of energy. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, proteins are macronutrients that are not stored by the body. They burn naturally through physical exertion and are used by integral organs to normally function.
It is highly advisable that the recommended daily intake of protein which is around 1 gram per 1kilogram of body weight is religiously followed. But for people who do strenuous activities like athletes and laborers, elderlies, breastfeeding mothers, and those trying to lose weight; they should increase their protein consumption.

There are a lot of protein sources including meat, milk, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts and with protein as essential building blocks of our body, these items should be available at home. But for people who have less time to prepare hard-to-cook protein rich food like meat and bean seeds, these are easier methods for you to have your required daily dosage of protein.

frozen foodStore Protein Foods in your Fridge

Fish is a rich source of protein and are easier to cook than animal meat. All you have to do is buy pre-cleaned fish in the supermarket. In your fridge, there should also be a supply of eggs and fresh milk for you and your family.

Incorporate Protein-Rich Snacks

There are many commercial snacks out there for you to choose from to help you get the desired amount of protein. Canned beans and meat products like le-vel thrive snacks are nutritious snacks that have high protein contents. You can also nibble on nuts and protein bread bars.

Go to Restaurants Once-in-a-While

People on the go will have a difficult time to prepare a sumptuous protein-rich menu at home. A freshly prepared protein diet is truly invigorating. In a restaurant, there is a wide array of protein food from fish to meat in the menu. If you are really health conscious and you are after your protein intake, choose those that are healthier like steamed fish, meat stew or bean seeds.

snacksChoose Products Wisely

There are many products in the grocery that have rich protein content. From easy to prepare meat products to snacks, there are a lot of protein-rich foods like mayonnaise, cheese, and peanut butter which your family can enjoy to consume with bread.

Lack of protein in our body has many side effects. It can lead to muscle weakness, muscle loss, low blood pressure, anemia, liver problems, and other medical problems. But too much protein consumption can also cause dehydration, indigestion, headache, diarrhea and other dysfunctions. It can complicate kidney and liver ailments. This justifies that all should be taken in moderation to get the maximum benefits, including protein.