Hiring a Professional Wildlife Control Company

Pest and wildlife removal companies provide professional pest control and wildlife removal services to homeowners. Their main services include bird removal, squirrel removal raccoon removal, skunk removal. Contacting these professionals is the best way of solving pests and wildlife problem in an effective, ethical and humane manner. The following are the useful tips for hiring professional pest and wildlife control firm:

Asking for a Written and Inspection Estimate

written estimate

Pricing and assessing a task over the phone is very difficult. A reliable company should be ready to give the homeowner a rundown of its fees and services. On-site inspection fee should is applied towards the contracted work. During this visit, the wildlife control company should identify:

  • Whether the pest or animals are offsprings
  • All the entry points used by pest/wildlife

Upon identifying these, the company should explain how the animals can be removed and what can be done on your structure to make it wildlife proof.

Insisting On Humane Techniques

Remember that most of these creatures or animals live inside a building. You should insist on using guaranteed exclusion or eviction strategies like hands-on removal and one-way doors removal. Ideally, the methods used should lead to the release of these animals outside of your structure.

Preventing Recurrence of Pest/Wildlife Problem

The firm hired should provide a wide range of animal –exclusion/proofing services. The homeowner is given a guarantee of one year against re-entry. These professionals will strive hard to make sure that all the entry points are identified and effectively refitted with exclusion materials that can challenge the pests.

Getting Referrals


Referrals are obtained from trusted sources such animal control agencies, wildlife rehabilitator or humane societies. Homeowners can also get references from previous clients. These references can help you in hiring a firm that uses human pest control services.


Be Aware of Unethical Practices and Fees

Avoid signing a contract that has an optional clause. The company can take this advantage and charge you for every animal that is removed or trapped on your property. This practice is unethical, and it might not help you in solving problems in the long-term.

Make Sure That the Firm Is Insured and Licensed

You should request written assurance which proves that the practices used by the company are in accordance with the local, state and federal laws. In general, the potential company should carry required licensed and commercial liability insurance.